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Addiction: A Guide on How to Recognize Social Media Addiction and Misuse

Social media is seriously having a rising negative effects on several people’s life. It’s addiction and misuse produce negative effects just as comparable as that of gambling, drugs, or alcohol. Checking and scrolling through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram may seem harmless initially however, over time it may lead to addition characterized by craving,Continue reading “Addiction: A Guide on How to Recognize Social Media Addiction and Misuse”


The Importance of Social and Communication skills

Social skills will help you to build, maintain and nurture your relationships with your family, friends, colleagues, customers, clients, new contacts and so on. They are most probably the strongest determinants of the achievement of your future goals and income. Social and communication skills are among the top choice skills required in today’s workplaces. TheyContinue reading “The Importance of Social and Communication skills”

How to Achieve Your 2020 Goals In This Covid 19 Pandemic Period

Each one of us before this covid 19 pandemic has one thing or another that we wanted to achieve in this year whether great or small. We had deep-rooted dreams and hopes for the year with an intense yearning for greater accomplishments not just mere survival. However, with the advent of covid 19 pandemic, workingContinue reading “How to Achieve Your 2020 Goals In This Covid 19 Pandemic Period”

10 Strategies to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is a confrontation everybody has encountered at one point or another and it will continue to occur. For the time that humans exist, we have been struggling with postponing, dodging, and delaying on issues that matter to us. What is Procrastination? Procrastination is the act, behavior or habit of postponing, delaying or avoiding aContinue reading “10 Strategies to Overcome Procrastination”

10 Ways to Make Your Site More Accessible — The Blog

May 21 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Is your site reader-friendly for all of your visitors? 10 Ways to Make Your Site More Accessible — The Blog

Revelation! Smart Small Business Ideas to Support Yourself During Covid – 19 Pandemic in Nigeria

The outbreak of coronavirus has enormously quaked up economies of the world. Nations are fighting hard to battle the existing and impending economic outcomes of this monster. Due to the upsurge in the global economic crisis, it is expected that businesses and activities will take long time before they will return to normal. Likewise, customer’sContinue reading “Revelation! Smart Small Business Ideas to Support Yourself During Covid – 19 Pandemic in Nigeria”

The Perils of Cultism, Occultism (Spiritism) In Nigerian Society

Cultism and occultism are among the leading social problems we are facing in our Nigerian society today. These practices are carried out in schools, campuses, organizations, churches, villages, towns, even in the streets to mention but a few. They have taken root and are expanding sporadically into different sectors. They exist in various forms and cuts across all spectra. Cultism and occultism are the leading evil that is ravaging our educational institutions and the Nigerian society in general.


The novel corona virus has ravaged many countries of the world; bringing giants to their knees. The effect of this global health pandemic can be visibly seen in many industries of the world, such as sports and entertainments, as well as affected the mode of operations of various government MDAs. The case in Nigeria isContinue reading “CORONA VIRUS DEATH TOLLS INCREASES ACROSS NIGERIA”


Children are unique beings full of energy, emotions and curiosity. They are the future of any family and the country. However, how` far they will go in life depends on how enlightened and innovative their spirit and mind is. As a matter of fact, their education is of paramount need and has to be doneContinue reading “EDUCATION OF A CHILD’S MIND AND SOUL”