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How to Achieve Your 2020 Goals In This Covid 19 Pandemic Period

Each one of us before this covid 19 pandemic has one thing or another that we wanted to achieve in this year whether great or small. We had deep-rooted dreams and hopes for the year with an intense yearning for greater accomplishments not just mere survival. However, with the advent of covid 19 pandemic, workingContinue reading “How to Achieve Your 2020 Goals In This Covid 19 Pandemic Period”



The novel corona virus has ravaged many countries of the world; bringing giants to their knees. The effect of this global health pandemic can be visibly seen in many industries of the world, such as sports and entertainments, as well as affected the mode of operations of various government MDAs. The case in Nigeria isContinue reading “CORONA VIRUS DEATH TOLLS INCREASES ACROSS NIGERIA”